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Fines may be given in two ways. The most common are those as a result of cautions issued during a game in the form of a Yellow Card (Caution) or Red Card (Dismissal). Please refer to the relevant League Rules for each caution.Fines are not covered by Club fees and therefore will not be paid by the Club on behalf of any Player or Club Official.

If a Player receives a caution during a game they may receive a fine. They will receive a letter from the Club Secretary indicating the amount that needs to be paid. The Player must pay this immediately. Failure to do so will result in the Player being suspended by the Club until the fine is paid.
Incidents would include the use of offensive or threatening language, persistent or reckless fouls, lack of respect towards match day officials and any other such behaviour deemed to be inappropriate. The League and FA will then review each reported incident.

As a consequence the FA and the League may issue player fines. The fines start at £10 upwards depending on the severity of the incident with a late fine charge of £20 for any fines paid late.
In registering for AFC Lewisham, parents agree to make prompt payment for any individual player fines issued by the FA or the League.


Failure to pay fines will result in the immediate suspension of the player from all training and games until such time the fine is paid.

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