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The atmosphere in the Bridge was electrifying ......woops wrong report! It was AFC Lewisham’s Annual Parents versus Coaches fundraising game, both teams had family members backing them to the end. Although the family has come together for a good cause there is only one team that can win !

The game started of very slow for the coaches as they were 3 men down, but they slowly got a foot in the game. The parents did not hold back at attacks from both sides and play that was very impressing in the middle of the park. 20 minutes in it was time for a goal and the coaches done it in style leaving the parents puzzled. With only a few minutes passing by the parents buried one in the back of the net which was never being saved ! Coach Martino was not pleased with conceding so it was only right for him to score just before the whistle went.

HALF TIME ! A few legs could no longer continue so subs were done and it was time to continue the game.

The parents went up a gear and hit on the counter attack with Alice crossing the ball for a lovely finish as it reached its destination, yes in the back of the net once again ! Tension is building, both teams are feeling the pressure , legs are becoming slower ! AND BOOM another goal for the coaches , tactical decisions are made and its to park the bus.

The game ended with the coaches winning the game and taking home the trophy, the parents will have another opportunity next season and time to ponder how they can win next season.

We would like to thank everyone who came along and supported the cause as raised £250.00 Sickle Cell Society.

As such, we will continue showcasing such games for the AFC Lewisham Family

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